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Floresta da Tijuca (Tijuca forest)

With Christ the Redeemer at the top and the Botanical Garden below, the Tijuca Forest is one of the four sectors which divides the National Tijuca Park, the largest urban forest in the world! A great place to visit, perfect for a day of discovery, clean air, lakes, historic sites, hiking and a picturesque atmosphere. In addition to complete relaxation with trails and privileged spaces for sports. The place is very much appreciated by people who love being in touch with nature and tourists who like adventures. On site it is possible to ride jeeps, which are offered by specialist companies know little waterfalls, exploring the extensive vegetation, and between the local landscape can also find waterfalls, historic buildings and gazebos where you can see the forest. For fans of a longer walk, you can also climb the Pico da Tijuca, always recommended with the guidance of a guide. At the site you can find maps for the rustic trails or paved paths for those who want to venture alone, but it is also possible to program the tour with a local guide, to enjoy and explore the site with greater security.