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Leme Beach

The Leme beach is the continuation of Copacabana, is a more passive place so it attracts the tourist families. Its name originated because of a hill skirted the beaches of Urca and Botafogo that, seen from above resembles a ship's rudder. With more choppy waters, the Leme beach attracts tourists in search of waves for surfing. More is not only surf the winning space on Leme beach. Its wide strip of sand on the edge of the edge allows the practice of volleyball, foot volleyball and racquetball. A very visited attraction and one of Rio postcards is the Leme Fort which provides incredible views. From the top of the fort of Leme you can see all the Copacabana Beach, the hill of Leme, sugar and bread, the distance, the redeeming Christ, it is simply wonderful and conducive to watch a sunset sunsets charming. At night the Leme Beach offers bars and restaurants that cater to tourists looking for a quieter place to end the day, while for those seeking more hype, the fort is in Copacabana. In Leme, it was customary place a cascade of fireworks during the New Year's Eve. Several sporting events occur in the neighborhood, such as the arrival of the Crossing of the Forts.