Terms and conditions

Main conditions for hosting contract

01 - Apartments:

The apartments intended for HOSTING will be arranged in specific list according to your reference code, location, neighborhood, rank, and categories.

Each apartment will have their photos displayed on our site, also containing a brief description of each unit.

02 - Request for information:

To request information about our apartments such as values, locations on the map, conditions for reservations, payment, availability, minimal rental period and other details, the customer must, without any commitment, fill out our form available in "Information and bookings". In this way, we may find more suitable apartment customer needs and at the same time respond to all requests.

03 - Availability of the apartments:

To find out if the desired apartment is available, the customer must fill in our form "Information and bookings". After finding this availability, the customer can pay the booking sign as guidance and data that will be provided by our team, getting after the confirmation of your reservation via e-mail containing the RESERVATION TERM with discharge of the same.

04 - Booking:

Reservations will be accepted upon prior credit 50% of the total value of the hosting account to be specified by EASY RENT RIO.

Hiring the reservation is an obligation for both parties and must be complied with all its conditions.

05 - Booking period:

Once right and set the start and end date of HOSTING and payment made the reservation at EASY RENT RIO, the client can not change the length of your lease.

06 - Withdrawal:

If there is withdrawal by the HOST, the amounts paid will not be refunded in any way, losing this in favor of EASY RENT RIO any amount already paid as RESERVATION. Also will not be refunded under any circumstances, if any withdrawal of HOSTING by the HOST, after it paid HOSTING in its entirety.

07 - Destination:

The pretender to HOSTING shall inform the EASY RENT RIO the number of people who will occupy the apartment and the full names of the other companions.

EASY RENT RIO Regulation only allows overnight in the apartments of people registered as a guest at the entrance;

08 - Key pick:

The delivery of keys and property occupation will be give by signing the Hosting Agreement, full payment of the HOSTING and its security.

09 - Inspection:

All apartments will have an inspection report as part of the Hosting Agreement to be given by GUEST and one of the members of our team in property delivery act, containing in this report all the property which line the property, its facilities, state maintenance and operation of all its facilities and equipment.

10 - Cleaning:

The apartments will be delivered clean and they must be returned in the same way during the return by the contractor GUEST. You will be additionally charged housekeeping in the output, and the amount will vary according to the configuration of the apartment and it will be established in the hiring of hosting.

11 - Electricity and gas:

It will be charged separately and must be paid by the contractor GUEST the electricity consumption in HOSTING with periods longer than 10 days from May to November, and for periods longer than 05 days in the months of December to April. HOSTING for periods longer than 25 days, in addition to the electricity consumption will also be charged for the consumption of gas.

12 - Animals:

the entry or stay, unless prior consultation is not allowed.

13 – Check in:

From the 14 hours of the first contracted day.

14 – Check out:

Up to 12 hours of the last day employed.

15 - HOSTING Payment:

Payment must be made in advance in two stages:

The first in the reserve in a specific account designated by EASY RENT RIO.

The second (the balance due) in cash, upon the signing of the Hosting Agreement and delivery property to the contractor GUEST, or if you prefer by bank credit to the same account specified for the credit of the reservation, in a maximum of 48hrs before the arrival date.

IMPORTANT: Do not accept payment by check or credit card.

16 - Security deposit:

In addition to the payment of HOSTING, which must be paid in advance, the GUEST shall also leave with EASY RENT RIO, as a refundable damage deposit of HOSTING, an amount which shall be informed, as the apartment to be reserved, and the same It will be returned upon vacating and final inspection of the apartment.

17 - HOSTING Values:

HOSTING The values ​​of each apartment vary according to the extent of HOSTING period, time of year (low, medium or high season) and also according to other demands made by the customer. Thus, the values ​​of the apartments will be informed upon request.

18 - Penalties:

It will be on the lessee's account, the fines to which it gives rise to breach of the laws, or conventional rules of building where the apartment is located. The payment of the fine shall be made to the EASY RENT RIO, as soon as the contractor is GUEST statement as to the origin of it and its value.